Liberals Outraged by Clinton’s Pro-Israel Rhetoric

Hillary Clinton

Prominent liberal writers and publications are lashing out at Democratic presidential frontrunner Hillary Clinton over her pro-Israel rhetoric and the warm reception she received at the American Israel Public Affairs Committee’s annual conference this week.

Clinton addressed the pro-Israel crowd on Tuesday morning to reaffirm her support for the Jewish state and vow to enhance U.S.-Israeli ties from the White House.

Her speech was well received by AIPAC loyalists and the pro-Israel community, but elicited criticism among Clinton’s more liberal base.

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"Hillary Clinton goes full Neocon at AIPAC, Demonizes Iran, Palestinians," declared a headline on the website of Juan Cole, a liberal Middle East analyst known for his fierce opposition to Israel.

Cole attacked Clinton for her criticism of Republican Donald Trump’s declaration that he would remain "neutral" in the Israeli-Palestinian peace talks.

"Clinton perpetuates the Israeli propaganda talking point that they are the ones who are being oppressed, and that even-handed moves toward peace threaten their security, which is alleged to be precarious," Cole wrote.

Salon magazine also took Clinton to task for "pandering" to the pro-Israel crowd and promoting "Israeli PR."

The outlet, which also is known for its criticism of the Jewish state, complained that Clinton "aggressively voiced support for Israel and hard-line right-wing Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, and made no mention of the Israeli military’s almost five-decade-long illegal occupation of the Palestinian territories."

The gossip website Gawker also took exception to Clinton’s speech.

The website criticized Clinton in a post by editor-in-chief Alex Pareene for vowing to fix relations with Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, who has long been at odds with the Obama administration of a range of issues.

"Clinton promising a return to a bipartisan and seemingly unconditional embrace of the political leadership of Israel is disheartening to many—especially many liberals, including plenty of Jewish liberals—who’d hoped to see America challenge Israel’s intransigent, increasingly right-wing leadership, rather than refuse to admit the existence of daylight between America’s aims and interests and those of the Netanyahu government," Pareene wrote.