Lawyer Snaps in Middle of CNN Panel Discussion: ‘Why Are You Subjecting Me to This?’

Disgruntled panelist goes on rant about CNN afterward: 'Shut up ... I can talk out of my a**'

A lawyer appearing on CNN on Friday suddenly snapped in the middle of a segment "why are you subjecting me to this" and blasted the network and its viewers afterward in a series of tweets.

Elizabeth Beck is a lawyer who made headlines in 2015 when she said that Donald Trump screamed she was disgusting for requesting a break from a 2011 deposition to pump breast milk.

She appeared on Brooke Baldwin's afternoon CNN program on Friday to discuss the latest in special counsel Robert Mueller's Russia investigation, but she was visibly annoyed and confused the entire time she was on-screen with her fellow guests Michael Zeldin and Walter Shaub.

Baldwin asked Zeldin and Shaub questions about the probe, and Beck, with her eyes constantly darting around, loudly interjected, "Why are you subjecting me to this?"

Baldwin was startled, saying, "Sorry?" Shaub smiled and said he had just heard a voice in his earpiece.

"Whose voice was that? Was that you, Elizabeth?" Baldwin asked, before directing Shaub to continue.

Beck did not reappear in the segment, and Shaub tweeted afterward he found the moment funny. But the strangeness did not end there.

Beck proceeded to go on an extended Twitter rant about CNN and its viewers afterward.

"It was a panel interview. I don't do well in panels with idiots who get to talk first. I TOLD them I don't do well in panels," she wrote.

She also tweeted a nearly eight-minute video complaining about her treatment by CNN and the presence of Zeldin and Shaub on the panel.

The attorney responded to social media users who noticed her outburst by saying she did not have a "meltdown" and was just "very irritated." She also said her fellow guests were "talking out of their rear" during the segment.

At one point, Beck appeared to read a Twitter comment directed at her and said, "Oh, shut up. This is my personal Twitter. I can talk out of my ass."

She also snapped that CNN's tech people should have muted her microphone, hence her hot mic moment when she suddenly yelled out in frustration, and that "they booted me off."

Beck added that she had expressed anger in the past with CNN for not giving adequate coverage to the presidential campaign of Sen. Bernie Sanders (I., Vt.).

In addition to her video rant, Beck fired off a series of tweets attacking CNN's viewers for the network's coverage and wondering why "are all these black ppl angry at me all of a sudden."

Beck then wrote that CNN "gleefully got the whole country traumatized" during the Sept. 11 terror attacks, adding, "Why no follow up? Building 7? Why not @cnn???"

It is unclear what Beck wanted CNN to follow up on.