Juror From Menendez’s Corruption Trial Attends Senator’s Election Night Party

Bob Menendez
Bob Menendez / Getty Images

One of the jurors from Sen. Bob Menendez's federal corruption trial attended the New Jersey Democrat's election night victory party on Tuesday.

A New Jersey reporter tweeted out video of the juror, Evelyn Arroyo-Maultsby, explaining at Menendez's headquarters in the Garden State why she voted to reelect the senator.



"I came out here tonight because I know Bob Menendez is a very good man, and I was in a courtroom and I saw all the evidence that they didn't have enough evidence," Arroyo-Maultsby said. "What he did wrong, he did nothing wrong. He's a great man. That's why I'm supporting Menendez. I voted for him. I voted blue."

Arroyo-Maultsby also showed that she was wearing a Menendez t-shirt.

Last year, Menendez faced trial for 18 counts of alleged corruption after federal prosecutors accused him of carrying out "official favors" for Salomon Melgen, a friend and mega-donor, in exchange for private flights, vacations, and campaign contributions.

Prosectors alleged that Menendez started accepting bribes from Melgen, a Florida eye doctor, after he entered the Senate in 2006. A judge declared a mistrial in November 2017 after the jury deadlocked on all charges.

The Department of Justice initially said it would retry the case, but eventually decided to drop it.

Arroyo-Maultsby was dismissed from the case during the jury's deliberations so that she could go on a long-scheduled vacation to the Bahamas.

After she was dismissed, Arroyo-Maultsby made it clear she would have voted to acquit Menendez.

"If I would have been there all the way to the end, it would have been ‘not guilty,'" she said. "All the way to the end, not guilty."

Arroyo-Maultsby also predicted a hung jury after she was dismissed from deliberations last November.

"I feel like the government was very corrupted, not that Menendez was," she added at the time. "What I saw, the government didn't give me enough. So I think the defense showed me enough to say he's not guilty on every count."

Menendez on Tuesday defeated Republican businessman Bob Hugin to win reelection to the Senate.