Hoyer Blames $10 Trillion Debt Increase Under Obama on ‘Big Tax Cuts’ And Recession Recovery

• April 26, 2017 8:41 pm


House Minority Whip Steny Hoyer (D., Md.) appeared Wednesday on Fox News where he blamed the $10 trillion debt increase during former President Obama's tenure on recession recovery from the Bush administration and on tax cuts.

Host Neil Cavuto asked him whether congressional Democrats could support the tax cuts that were proposed in President Trump's newly revealed tax plan.

"Not now, Neil. One of the groups just put out a cost analysis of the– and we just have a one page paper. We don't have any bill. We don't have any really detailed proposal, but they estimate the cost at $6 trillion," Hoyer said, before getting corrected by Cavuto.

"Over 10 years," Cavuto said.

Hoyer then claimed that the Trump administration believes that the cost of tax cuts under his tax plan doesn't have to be paid for and then warned that the United States is getting into "deep debt" because they are not paying for tax cuts.

"But I believe under the last eight years of President Obama, that debt essentially doubled, right?" Cavuto said. " It went up $10 trillion and that was not courtesy of big tax cuts. That was courtesy of a lot of spending."

Hoyer acknowledged that Cavuto was correct, but then he claimed that it helped the U.S. get out of a "very deep, deep recession" from the Bush administration. Hoyer then reverted back to 2001 and 2003 when Republicans called for tax cuts and insisted that the tax cuts would help the economy boom.

Cavuto said he understood Hoyer's concern about the national debt, but told him that it was "odd" for Democrats to be alarmed by the national debt when they didn't talk about it over the last eight years.

Hoyer pushed back by insisting that he has been talking about the national debt for a "long time."