House Democrat Fears Trade War with China Will Become ‘Blood War’

Rep. Emanuel Cleaver (D., Mo.) said on Sunday that he fears a trade war with China could turn into a "blood war."

Cleaver spoke on MSNBC about his issues with President Donald Trump's actions on trade with China when he mentioned his fear of an actual war breaking out.

In response to proposed tariffs by the Trump administration on $150 billion in Chinese imports, China has threatened a "counterattack with great strength" on its imports from the U.S, rattling global financial markets.

"People are nervous about the president's discussion of this ill-advised trade war, and there is always concern when you start talking about a trade war that it won't ultimately turn into a blood war," Cleaver said.

While Cleaver fears a war with China due to trade, another Midwestern Democrat, Sen. Sherrod Brown (D., Ohio), welcomed Trump's tariff actions against China.

"This welcome action is long overdue for shuttered steel plants across Ohio and steelworkers who live in fear that their jobs will be the next victims of Chinese cheating," Brown said.