Hillary Clinton’s Hamptons Rental Costs 87 Times What Average American Spends on Vacation

Hillary Clinton
Hillary Clinton / AP
• August 14, 2015 10:02 am


Hillary Clinton is reportedly renting a vacation home in the Hamptons for more than 87 times what the the average American pays for an entire summer sojourn.

The New York Post reported that the Clintons have shelled out $100,000 for the four-bedroom home in which they will stay during the final two weeks of August.

According to American Express, average Americans spend $1,145 per person on summer travel, or just over 1 percent of the price of the Clintons’s Hamptons rental.

The Democratic presidential candidate and her husband are renting the $18 million home–the same estate in which they resided last year–from Republican donor and art collector Andre Nasser and his wife, Lois.

The Clintons appear to have been slapped with a surcharge; the couple reportedly spent the same amount for the rental for a three-week Hamptons stay last year. Still, the price is half of the $200,000 they spent in 2013.

Hillary and Bill are expected to arrive at the Amagansett estate located on 44 Broadview Road by Aug. 21 and will be joined by daughter Chelsea and her family.

"The Clintons are renting the house for two weeks. They’ll be joined by Chelsea, her husband, Marc, and their baby daughter, Charlotte," a source told the Post.

However, the former secretary of state will be working over vacation, as fundraisers for her presidential campaign commence the day following her alleged arrival date.

"Hillary doesn’t want headlines saying, ‘Presidential hopeful kicking back in the Hamptons,’ so she’ll be busy while she’s there," the source explained.

Clinton will appear at the home of businessman Artie Rabin and his wife Selma in Water Mill for a fundraiser on Aug. 22. She has three fundraisers scheduled for Aug. 30, one billed as a "pancake breakfast with Hillary" and another as a "Full Moon on the Farm with Hillary Rodham Clinton" evening barbecue.

And, perhaps most notably, Hillary will spend lunch fundraising at the home of acclaimed fashion designer Tory Burch at which supporters will have the opportunity to pay $2,700 to appear in a photo with the presidential contender.

Clinton’s two-week stay is more than three times the length of the average American vacation, though it fails to edge out President Obama’s 17-day August trip to Martha’s Vineyard, Massachusetts.