Hillary Clinton Losing Nearly Half a Point Per Day of Support Among Democrats

Hillary Clinton
Hillary Clinton / AP
September 11, 2015

Hillary Clinton is losing nearly half a percentage point of support among Democrats each day that she battles ongoing controversy surrounding her use of a personal email system.

CNN/ORC poll released late Thursday indicates that Clinton currently holds 37 percent of the vote among likely Democratic primary voters nationally, a figure than is 19 points less than the majority 56 percent support she maintained when the same poll was conducted between July 22 and 25, 49 days earlier.

Clinton has lost 19 points of support over seven weeks, or 2.7 points per week and approximately 0.4 points per day on average, since the July survey was conducted and the newest poll taken between Sept. 4 and 8.

Her Democratic challengers, however, have enjoyed a boost.

Currently, Bernie Sanders (I., Vt.) is within 10 percentage points of the former secretary of state with 27 percent support among likely Democratic primary voters, nearly double the support he maintained at the end of June.

Likewise, Vice President Joe Biden, though yet to make a formal entry into the 2016 race, stands within 17 points of Clinton with 20 percent of the vote. In fact, Biden’s support among Democrats has risen 6 points since the CNN/ORC poll conducted between Aug. 13 and 16.

Clinton, on the other hand, has endured a 10-point drop in less than a month’s time. She has since the end of July gone from holding over half of the vote among Democrats to just over a third of it.

The American public widely views Clinton as untrustworthy as the former secretary of state attempts to fend of criticism regarding her exclusive use of a private email system while working in the Obama administration.

The FBI is currently investigating the security of Clinton’s server, which multiple intelligence agencies have confirmed held emails containing top secret information. Clinton has insisted that she never sent or received information marked classified on her email.

Multiple House and Senate committees are also probing Clinton’s use of personal email at the State Department.

If discovered to have knowingly sent, stored, or received classified information in a location unauthorized by the government, Clinton could face prosecution.