Hillary Clinton Dodges on Not Cooperating With the State Department Investigation

May 26, 2016

Hillary Clinton dodged Thursday when she was asked about her refusal to cooperate with the investigation carried out by the State Department's Inspector General over her infamous private email server.

The reporter pointed out that Clinton ran that department, yet she would not cooperate with its investigation. Clinton's top aides also did not cooperate with the investigators.

The Inspector General has released their report on Clinton's use of her private email server while she was Secretary of State. The report was highly critical towards Clinton.

"You said that you would talk to anyone, anytime about your emails," the reporter said. "Yet you did not cooperate with State Department investigators, an agency that you ran. Why?"

"Well, I have talked about this for many, many months. I testified for eleven hours before the committee, the Benghazi Committee," Clinton said. "I have answered numerous questions. We have posted information on our website and the information that we had is out there, it's been clearly public.

"My email use was widely known in the department, throughout the government and I have provided all of my work-related emails and I've asked that they be made public and I think that, you know, that demonstrates that I wanted to make sure that this information was part of the official records."

What Clinton fails to say when she claims that she wanted her emails to be made public is that it was not her decision to release them. By law, they were forced to be made public. As the Department of State released them, it turned out that many could not be released due to being classified.