Heckler Thrown from Hillary Clinton Economic Speech After Wall Street Question

HIllary Clinton
HIllary Clinton / AP
• July 13, 2015 1:14 pm


A heckler was ejected from Hillary Clinton’s economic speech in New York City Monday after asking the former secretary of state about her position on investment banking regulations.

Business Insider reported that Daniel Burke, a self-identified organizer for the LaRouche PAC which supports political activist Lyndon LaRouche, yelled at Clinton at the conclusion of her speech, "Senator Clinton, will you restore Glass-Steagall?"

Clinton did not respond to the inquiry, and Burke was removed from the event location, the New School in Manhattan, by security.

Passed in 1933 and then repealed 66 years later, the Glass-Steagall Act separates commercial banks from investment banks. A group of bipartisan lawmakers—led by progressive Massachusetts Sen. Elizabeth Warren—are spearheading a campaign to restore the law. 

Clinton, however, has not come out for or against restoring the law. Her 2016 Democratic foes Martin O’Malley and Bernie Sanders, on the other hand, have both expressed support for the reinstatement of Glass-Steagall. 

The heckler emphasized the need for Clinton to take questions on this topic—and others—to establish her positions.

"She should take questions so that these things could be raised," Burke declared.

While Clinton spoke critically of Wall Street during her remarks Monday, she did not get specific on her policies to deal with "risky" financial institutions.

The heckler's expulsion from the event Monday comes on the heels of the first nationally-televised interview of Hillary’s presidential run, during which she sidestepped questions about the $10 bill and Saturday Night Live and made false claims about her personal email system.

The Democratic presidential candidate has become infamous for her avoidance of questions, her campaign even going so far as roping off reporters from Clinton during her appearance in New Hampshire on the Fourth of July.

The Clinton campaign also barred a Daily Mail pool reporter from covering Hillary’s events in New Hampshire last month.

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