Hawley: Unlike McCaskill, ‘We Don’t Write Off Any Part of the State’

Missouri Attorney General Josh Hawley said Tuesday his campaign to unseat Sen. Claire McCaskill (D.) doesn’t "write off any part of the state."

Asked by Fox News host Bill Hemmer whether particular parts of Missouri need more attention, the Republican candidate said his outlook is the opposite of McCaskill’s.

"Well, we don't write off any part of the state," Hawley said. "That's a big difference between my opponent and myself. She has been caught on tape saying she is willing to give up votes in rural Missouri."

Hawley was referring to a cell phone video that captured McCaskill saying she doesn’t care about losing votes in Missouri’s "bootheel," a rural conservative enclave.

"I'm not willing to give up votes in any part of the state," Hawley said. "Not the suburbs, not the cities, not the rural areas like where I grew up. We are going to every corner and we are going to ask for every vote and talk about the pressing need of this hour to stand up for a strong America."

Regarding what there is left to do in a race that’s polling close, Hawley said he goes all over the state listening to Missourians.

"They want somebody who is going to stand with them to secure our border, to protect our workers, to put pro-Constitution judges on the bench, and by the way, to stand up to this mob mentality we are seeing from the liberal left. That's what the folks of this state want, and that's exactly what I'll do," Hawley said.

McCaskill voted against Justices Neil Gorsuch and Brett Kavanaugh, despite the fact that President Donald Trump, who nominated them, won Missouri by 19 percentage points.