Harrington: GOP Should Energize Voters With Another Legislative Win Before Midterms

• September 20, 2018 1:35 pm


Washington Free Beacon senior writer Elizabeth Harrington said Thursday the best thing Republicans can do to reassure voters ahead of the midterm election is to get work done in Congress.

Fox Business host Neil Cavuto asked whether Republican voters may be relatively comfortable with the healthy economy compared to the energized Democratic base, and therefore not show up to vote as powerfully in the midterms. Harrington said there is a danger of that, but pointed out Republican voters have turned out in recent midterm elections better than the Democrats.

"Republican voters could be complacent if everything is going well. Clearly Democrats are energized on their anti-Trump agenda. But I think we should keep in mind, midterm elections, the past few cycles, Republicans generally do turn out for these elections, it's Democrats that usually haven't," Harrington said.

She said there is, however, more GOP lawmakers can do to energize Republican voters. The surest way for Republicans to bring out their voters is to accomplish more legislatively, such as securing border wall funding, Harrington argued.

"[Democrats] are going to be energized, but the thing Republicans need to figure out and need to do, which I think would energize their voters much more, is get more things done legislatively," she said. "Fund the wall like President Trump has been asking them to do. Get another big legislative win before the midterms. That would energize Republican voters."

Trump has continued to exert pressure on Republicans to fund the building of the border wall, which is one of his signature issues going back to his presidential campaign. Thursday morning he said the GOP’s spending bill was "ridiculous" for not including money for border security and the wall.

"Where will [funding] come from after the Midterms?" Trump asked on Twitter.

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