Greg Orman Refuses to Say He Apologized to Bob Dole for ‘Clown Car’ Comment

After the fallout from Friday’s "clown car" comments, ‘independent' Kansas Senate candidate Greg Orman denied having insulted former Sen. Bob Dole.

"I would never say anything critical of Senator Dole," Orman said on Tuesday's Fox & Friends.

Orman emphasized his "utmost respect" for Dole and that "there was never any disrespect intended."

The Orman campaign released a statement clarifying the candidate’s comments, but did not call it an official apology.

"Why would you call it a clown car if there aren’t any clowns inside?" Fox News host Kimberly Guilfoyle asked Orman.

Orman said the comments were a metaphor for the "never-ending stream of people coming out of Washington" to support his opponent Pat Roberts (R., Kan.).