Gillibrand Delivers Profanity-Laced Remarks to Attack Trump

• June 9, 2017 12:43 pm


Sen. Kirsten Gillibrand (D., N.Y.) on Friday spoke at the annual Personal Democracy Forum at New York University, where she delivered profanity-laced remarks.

"Has [Trump] kept any of these promises? No. Fuck no," Gillibrand said, prompting the crowd to cheer.

"Sorry, I understand this is a younger audience. It's OK," the New York Democrat added.

Later in the event, Gillibrand recycled a line from her New York Magazine interview in April, saying if Democrats are not helping people, "we should go the fuck home."

The moderator asked Gillibrand about Trump's tweet from last week in which he sent out a message with the made-up word "covfefe."

"I think it was ‘coverage' and he was bitching about the media and he just forgot to finish," the senator said.

"I wish I could bleep some words, too, but my 90-year old mom is sitting in the front row," the moderator said.

"Oh God bless you, I'm sorry," Gillibrand said, covering her face with her papers.

The crowd started laughing, prompting Gillibrand to say, "You just got me in trouble."

There was a mixed reaction on Twitter to Gillibrand's profanity during the forum.