Spokesman: George W. Bush Left Presidential Ballot Blank

George W. Bush / AP


George W. Bush and his wife Laura Bush did not vote for either Donald Trump or Hillary Clinton on Tuesday, according to a spokesman for the former president.

Neither Bush cast their ballot for either of the major-party presidential candidates, Bush spokesman Freddy Ford told the Texas Tribune.

"They didn't vote for Hillary; they didn't vote for Trump," Ford said after conservative radio host Rush Limbaugh claimed earlier in the day that the former first couple had voted for Clinton.

"I'm told that George W. Bush and Laura Bush voted for Hillary Clinton today," Limbaugh said on his program Tuesday, the Washington Examiner reported.

Ford's statement ended that rumor, but the radio host's comments caused many to speculate that the Bushes had crossed party lines to support the Democratic nominee.

George W. Bush and his father, George H.W. Bush, both refused to support Trump after he secured the Republican nomination over the summer. There was speculation in September that the elder Bush, the 41st president of the United States, would vote for Clinton. He neither confirmed nor denied the reports at the time or on Tuesday.

"We are not commenting on the presidential race," Jim McGrath, a spokesman for Bush, told the Tribune.

George W. Bush has in recent months reportedly criticized Trump's policies, which have often differed from Republican orthodoxy on various issues such as foreign policy and trade.

Trump often insulted Bush's brother, Jeb Bush, during the Republican primary earlier this year when both men were seeking the party's nomination.

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