GSA official wasted money while under investigation for wasting money

An investigation into suspected waste and fraud at the General Services Administration did not stop one of its top officials from continuing his travel to lavish destinations on the taxpayer’s dime, Congress revealed Tuesday.

GSA’s Jeff Neely travelled to Hawaii and California’s wine country in the days before he was placed on leave for potential fraud and abuse, Congress found.

Reuter’s reports:

Entitled, "Timeline of Investigation and Ongoing Travel Abuses," the paper showed that Neely continued to travel even after Johnson was first advised in May 2011 about suspected fraud and abuse at the October 2010 conference.

An email described as from Neely to his wife, Deb, in preparation for a 17-day February trip, read: "Its yo birfday … we gonna pawty …."

Neely's wife accompanied him on the trip, but it was not immediately clear if Neely, as required by law, covered her expenses. Denham asked the GSA's inspector general to determine who paid for it.