Former NY Madam Davis: Spitzer Is a Career Criminal

'He prosecuted escort agencies while using them'

• July 10, 2013 9:27 pm


Former N.Y. Madam and candidate for New York City comptroller Kristin Davis slammed former New York Governor Eliot Spitzer's (D., N.Y.) candidacy for comptroller Wednesday on "The Kudlow Report."

Davis, the former leader of the prostitution scheme that brought down Spitzer's governorship in 2008, insisted the former New York governor is a "career criminal" who has a long career of "servicing his own needs" against the public interest:

BRIAN SULLIVAN: […] A lot of people think this is a stunt by you. Is it? Are you serious about this?

KRSITIN DAVIS: It is a serious campaign. I was nominated by the Libertarian Party in April and we filed in with the campaign finance board in June. I've been in this race —

BRIAN SULLIVAN: You're not ragging on Spitzer, like oh let me get some attention, you were there before him?

KRISTIN DAVIS: He actually jumped into my race making it the circus and becoming candidate date number nine.

SULLIVAN: So Spitzer joined the race knowing you were in the race?


BRIAN SULLIVAN: To me that seems illogical if you're Spitzer.

KRISTIN DAVIS: Well no it's a weak race, look at his opponent, it's a weak opponent, he could take him in the Democratic primary. The Republican is an unknown. He can use his money to challenge my petitions  knocking me off the ballot and therefore silencing me forever and walk into this office.

SULLIVAN: Spitzer is saying that he's reformed. You think he is? You're rolling your eyes.

KRISTIN DAVIS: Spitzer has a career criminal history. He illegally financed his two attorney general campaigns, he was using the state police to spy on Senator Joe Bruno in a scandal called "Trooper Gate," he broke the Mann Act by transporting a girl to five states. You know, he has as a long career of not servicing the public, servicing his own needs.

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