Female Former Colleagues Voice Support for Stephen Moore

Stephen Moore / Wikimedia Commons
April 25, 2019

Female former colleagues of Stephen Moore voiced their support for his nomination by President Donald Trump to the Federal Reserve, amid accusations that Moore wrote sexist columns about the inferiority of women in sports in the early 2000s.

Moore came under scrutiny earlier this week when the pieces he wrote for National Review resurfaced. Moore wrote college basketball games should be places where "men can take vacation from women" and joked that women should be banned from refereeing, beer vending, and announcing sports events.

"This was a spoof. I have a sense of humor," Moore told CNN's KFile in response.

Ann E. W. Stone, an activist who has worked with Moore, said she supported his nomination and commended him for his decades of experience in economic policy, adding that he should not be judged for his sense of humor.

"He genuinely has a good sense of humor and the ability to make both good and bad jokes. I have been told I have that same ability although my staff claims most of my jokes are lame, so I feel his pain," she said in a statement obtained by the Washington Free Beacon. "Steve Moore will bring a much-needed different perspective to the Federal Reserve. It is well overdue. He has a record of being right on the economy and he is one of the architects of the success we are currently having."

Lisa B. Nelson, a long-time friend and associate of Moore, emphasized that his decades of expertise make him fit for the role.

"Steve is a man of integrity, an independent thinker and has always been an advocate for economic policies that will produce economic growth, better wages and that would keep unemployment at the lowest rates possible," Nelson said in a statement. "Steve has spent his life's work on behalf of the American individual—regardless of sex or race, Steve has been a tireless advocate for a better life for all Americans which he believes strongly in."

Other women also supported Moore's nomination, saying that the criticisms leveled against his character are unfair.

"The recent and unnecessary attacks on Moore's character are indicative of how far his opponents will go to derail such a supremely qualified candidate," FreedomWorks activist Ronda Vuillemont-Smith said. "I fully support Moore's candidacy for the Federal Reserve Board of Governors."

FreedomWorks activist Vera Anderson added that at every event she's attended, Moore has shown concern for the needs of women.

"He's shown himself to be an upstanding citizen who will go above and beyond to connect with the activists," she said. "He cares about us and he deserves our support."