Farewell Favs

Obama’s voice set to do Hollywood

• February 28, 2013 3:07 pm


Jon Favreau, the director of speechwriting at the Obama White House, is set to leave the West Wing tomorrow.

Favreau (affectionately known as "Favs" to his bros) along with his best bro, National Security Council spokesman, Tommy "TV" Vietor, announced their joint departure in numerous news outlets over the past several weeks. According to the Los Angeles Times, March 1 is the big day:

Amid the high-level departures and appointments of Obama's second term, a quieter changing of the guard is taking place farther down the food chain. Stalwarts of the Obama generation have begun to take their leave.

The March 1 departure of Vietor, the original Obama youth, marks the moment.

The Times reports that both Vietor and Favreau are identified as the social leaders of the young White House staff that President Barack Obama took with him to Washington to help him change the world. Previous Washington Free Beacon reporting has detailed the hard-partying, beer-ponging twosome’s misadventures on the D.C. bar scene.

But with that mission accomplished, the inseparable duo plan to answer yet to another higher calling: Hollywood.

Some of the key personalities who left earlier in the Obama administration have gone in pursuit of creative goals. Onetime media aide Reid Cherlin is a political contributor to GQ magazine. Former speechwriter Jon Lovett is co-creator of NBC's White House-based comedy ‘1600 Penn.’ […]

Vietor and Favreau have been cooking up an idea for a television series and hope to begin writing it this year. To pay the bills in the meantime, they plan to form a political consulting business. Vietor also hopes to appear on news shows to speak as a Democratic strategist.

Vietor is especially eager to get his face on television, humbly telling Politico's Mike Allen:

"We both also want to pursue a screenwriting or TV project we've been thinking about forever, and I want to do a lot more TV about the administration and foreign policy," Vietor wrote. "I plan on being very, very active in defending this administration once I can say whatever I want!"

With Lovett already in Los Angeles, pursuing a career as a struggling speechwriter and humorist, the pending arrival of his old mates should be a welcome relief.