Ellison Barber Defends Looking into Hillary Clinton’s Past as Fair Game

• February 18, 2014 9:29 am


The Washington Free Beacon’s Ellison Barber appeared on Fox News’ The Kelly File to discuss "The Hillary Papers,"  and slammed critics’ claims that the papers are a sexist attack on Hillary Clinton.

Barber said that Alana Goodman, writer of "The Hillary Papers," travelled to the University of Arkansas and obtained the Blair papers, which had been available since 2010 but had gone unnoticed.

Now Goodman is trying to get more information from another university where there are more documents with information about former president Bill Clinton. The university does not want to release the documents, citing its need to have permission from the Clinton Foundation, which it declined to give.

Lanny Davis, an American lawyer and television commentator who also appeared on The Kelly File, hinted that "The Hillary Papers" are sexist.

Barber was quick to defend Goodman’s piece, telling Kelly and Davis: "It’s not sexist. I would actually vehemently disagree with that… If you’re trying to say that the reports out of the Free Beacon are sexist and based on attacks on Monica Lewinsky… you haven’t read the report. The Monica Lewinsky [aspect] and the aspect of Bill Clinton’s affairs were really a minor detail in it. What that report showed was that Hillary Clinton in 1993, when she was head of the task force for President Clinton’s health initiative, said that she thought single-payer systems may be necessary. It talked about her positions on Bosnia. It [the Monica Lewinsky aspect] was a footnote."

She explained that bringing up Clinton’s past could prompt Americans to think about her character. The character element is not limited to how she treated women whom Bill Clinton was said to be having affairs with, it extends to the situation with Sen. Bob Packwood and how she dismissed sexual assault because it did not agree with the political narrative she was trying to sell.

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