Elderly Presidential Candidate Uses Handicap Parking Spot on Campaign Trail

• April 16, 2015 1:57 pm


Hillary Clinton’s campaign made an oversight that undercut her message of being a champion for "everyday Americans."

Clinton, 67, parked the now infamous "Scooby" van in a handicapped-parking zone during one of her staged campaign events in Iowa.

In a video obtained by the Free Beacon, Clinton clearly parked the van as close to her campaign stop as possible for convenience. The grandmother walked into the van sporting a large smile as she avoided inquiries from the press yet again.

The penalty under Iowa law for illegally parking in a handicapped-designated spot is a fine of $200. Local police have not indicated whether or not they ticketed Clinton.

Clinton may have believed that being a senior citizen qualified her, but Iowa law clearly states a handicapped placard must be visibly shown on a vehicle to be eligible for the spot.

Her campaign has not commented if they plan to pay the fine for potentially taking the spot away from someone who actually needed it.

The Free Beacon was first to report of another Clinton insult to the "differently-abled" community.

"Parking-gate" will only further the narrative that the Clintons think they are above the law, and therefore do not have to comply with the same rules that "everyday Americans" must follow.

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