Donald Trump Does Terrific Bernie Sanders Impression, Like You Wouldn't Believe

November 10, 2015

Donald Trump is a renowned entertainer with acting abilities that are the envy of all other candidates.

Monday night, he showed off his talent by offering his audience in Springfield, Illinois an impression of Democratic presidential candidate Sen. Bernie Sanders (I., Vt.), when Black Lives Matter protesters took over one of his campaign events in August.

'First of all, a couple of young women took over the microphone from Bernie a month ago, right. They took it over and he was like this," Trump said as he acted out a lost and confused Sanders wondering on stage. 'He is not stopping ISIS, I will tell you."

The impersonation, which ironically was a response to Sanders supporters chanting, 'Feel the Bern," was greeted with laughter and applause. The audience of over 10,000 people was dazzled with more memorable lines from The Donald and yet another Trump criticism of a presidential candidate.

'If we had honest government, Hillary wouldn’t be allowed to run. You know that," Trump said, promising to seriously look into the allegations against Clinton. 'Hillary is running for a lot of reasons. One of them is because she wants to stay out of jail."

'With what’s going on in this election, I’ve never seen anything like it. People are getting away with murder," Trump said as one supporter shouted 'Hillary" in response. 'You can say anything about anybody and their poll numbers go up. If you try to hit your mother over the head with a hammer, your poll numbers go up."

Trump continued to hammer at Dr. Ben Carson, saying it was, 'the only election in history where you are better off if you stab somebody."

The real estate mogul and wealthy businessman, worth a self-proclaimed $10 billion, also impersonated Sen. Marco Rubio’s (R., Fla.) 2013 Republican response to Obama’s State of the Union address, where he paused awkwardly to take a drink of water.