DNC Member Who Called Blacks ‘Colored People’ Resigns

Florida DNC / Facebook


Florida Democratic National Committee member John Parker resigned on Wednesday amidst a wave of calls for him to step down.

Parker, also the state committeeman for the Duval County Democratic Party, announced he was stepping down, effective immediately, in a letter sent to DNC chair Tom Perez, Florida Democratic Party chair Terrie Rizzo, and Duval County Democratic Executive Committee chair Lisa King.

"It is with deep regret that I offer my resignation, effective immediately, as the State Committeeman of the Duval County Democratic Party and as a member of the Democratic National Committee," Parker wrote. "The past several weeks have been a challenging time as mistakes and a misstatement I made, and apologized for, have been misunderstood and give the impression I am something I am not."

"I take responsibility for my mistake and as such is the impetus of my decision," Parker wrote. "I resign for the good of my Party and all those who are fighting so hard for a better world than the one we are in now."

King responded with a statement accepting Parker's resignation. She said that although he had "dedicated over 35 years of service,"  his "actions necessitated his departure."

Calls for Parker to step down came from black activists and other party members after he referred to blacks as "colored people" during a party meeting. Those critical of the comment argued it wasn't an isolated incident and he had made inappropriate comments before.

Parker also said in his resignation letter that he wished he received "due process" regarding his comments.

Jack Heretik

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