DNC Increased Fundraising Staff Tenfold, but Results Yet to Be Achieved

DNC continues to lag behind RNC despite increasing fundraising staff from 3 to 30

DNC Deputy Chairman Rep. Keith Ellison / Getty Images
• August 17, 2017 11:15 am


The Democratic National Committee's new leadership team reportedly increased its fundraising staff from 3 to 30, but the staffing boost is yet to have a marked impact on its fundraising results.

Members of the DNC's new leadership, which was elected in late February, told Minnesota's Star Tribune this week that they found the committee "in shambles" when they came in, complaining that staff levels were at an all-time low.

"William Hailer, a former [Keith] Ellison aide in Minnesota, found the DNC in shambles when he became a senior adviser to the party early this year," wrote the Star-Tribune. "Staff levels were at an all-time low, with just three people involved in fundraising. Now the DNC has nearly 30 fundraisers, and Ellison and Hailer expect that will boost campaign contributions."

The staff increase has done little to improve the DNC's ledger, according to fundraising figures reported to the Federal Election Commission since DNC chairman Tom Perez was elected.

The DNC had just over $10 million in its coffers at the beginning of March, shortly after its new leadership team was elected. Its most recent filing, covering activity through June, shows the DNC now has less than $7.5 million of cash on hand.

The shrinking figure comes as the DNC lags behind its Republican counterpart in both fundraising and spending.

In the four filings since the DNC's new leadership team took over, it has reported $26,691,661 in fundraising and $29,429,965 in spending. Meanwhile, the Republican National Committee has in the same span raised $46,102,131 and spent $40,632,032.

The RNC had just over $39 million in cash on hand at the beginning of the period and currently has nearly $45 million. The RNC also has no debt, compared to about $3.3 million that is still owed by the DNC.

The DNC declined to provide details on its staff changes to the Washington Free Beacon.

Salary disbursement records indicate there has been only a moderate increase in staff on payroll, from 105 to 121, since the DNC's leadership roles changed hands.

Although Ellison predicted to the Star-Tribune that fundraising levels would pick up, he also said that fundraising is not where the party's power is.

"The Democratic Party's strength is its people," Ellison said. "The Republican Party's strength is its money."