DNC Allowing Black Lives Matter Leaders To Host Dem Presidential Town Hall

October 21, 2015

The Democratic National Committee, which has not budged after numerous calls for more scheduled presidential debates, has approved a town hall that will feature Democratic presidential candidates and will be hosted by leaders of the Black Lives Matter movement.

The town hall will focus on race-related issues and is being heralded as an opportunity for the Democratic candidates to address issues such as racism in America.

"We believe that your organization would be an ideal host for a presidential candidate forum — where all of the Democratic candidates can showcase their ideas and policy positions that will expand opportunity for all, strengthen the middle class and address racism in America," DNC CEO Amy K. Dacey said in a letter to sent to the activists.

Mediaite reports:

The Democratic National Committee has given its blessing to a presidential town hall held by leaders of the #BlackLivesMatter protest movement.

Tuesday, a website associated with #BlackLivesMatter movement posted a petition demanding the DNC create an additional debate to focus only on issues of importance to the black community: "It is not enough to poll the Presidential candidates on whether or not they think ‘Black lives matter’ or ‘All lives matter’ – we deserve substantive responses – including and in addition to criminal justice reform, what will the presidential candidates do to ensure that Black lives matter?"

DNC officials, and particularly chairwoman Debbie Wasserman Schultz, have long resisted calls to schedule additional debates. But the DNC met the activists halfway, offering to host a town hall instead.