Democratic Party Enlists Parkland Survivor for List-Building, Fundraising Email

DNC chair Tom Perez (L) and deputy chair Rep. Keith Ellison / Getty Images
March 2, 2018

The Democratic Party sent out an email Friday written by a Parkland, Florida school shooting survivor, urging recipients to sign up for the party's get-out-the-vote efforts.

"I am a Parkland student survivor" reads the subject line of the email, sent fromĀ "Sara Imam via"

"On February 14th, I lost 17 members of my community in a mass shooting at my school, Marjory Stoneman Douglas. But we, the survivors, refuse to let their names be forgotten. We refuse to let their deaths be in vain," reads Imam's message.

"I turned 18 the day after the shooting, and I immediately registered to vote. But many of my fellow survivors can't vote yet, and we are counting on you to stand up for young people at the ballot box."

"This week the Democratic Party launched IWillVote -- a national campaign to organize voters and get them to the polls. Voting is the first step toward ending gun violence, so I'd like to ask you to do something important today. Will you add your name right now to commit to vote this fall?" she asks.

Clicking on a large button reading "Commit to Vote" redirects to the Democrats homepage where the user is asked to sign up to receive text messages and emails from the party.

Upon registration, users are directed to a page asking them to donate to the national party.

"Make a contribution today if you're ready to elect Democrats in all 50 states this year," the page reads.

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