Democrat John Lewis Praises Jon Ossoff as Second Coming of JFK

Democratic Rep. John Lewis (Ga.) was on the campaign trail for Jon Ossoff over the weekend and compared him to President John F. Kennedy, according to video footage captured by American Rising.

"I've met every president since President Kennedy and I'll tell ya," Lewis told a group of Ossoff supporters. "President Kennedy was young, smart, and gifted. Jon Ossoff is young, smart, and gifted."

Lewis qualified his comparison of the young political newcomer to Kennedy by explaining that he has known Ossoff since he interned for Lewis.

"I've been knowing this young man for a long, long time," Lewis said. "When he was in high school, he was an intern for our office. I've known his mother, and his father. They're good people, he comes from a good tree."

This is not the first time that Ossoff has been compared to a former president.

Following Ossoff's failure to seal a victory in April's initial run-off election to fill the sixth district's vacancy, CNN's Don Lemon remarked that Ossoff sounded like President Barack Obama during his election night speech.

"Am I the only one who said he sounded like Barack Obama, no?" Lemon asked his panel. "Did that sound like Barack Obama to you?"

The panel agreed.

"Yes, he did. He did," panelist Tara Setmayer responded. "Listen, he's 30 years old, I guess it worked for him."

"He's inspired!" fellow panelist Angela Rye added. "Yes we can, Jon Ossoff, yes we can!"

Earlier this year, the New Yorker described Ossoff as "a tall, skinny, thirty-year-old candidate for the U.S. Congress with Kennedy-ish features and a deliberate, Obama-like manner of speaking" in the first sentence of its profile on him.

Ossoff's star briefly dropped among Democrats following his April failure to win the seat without a run-off election, with some Democrats attacking him as a "terrible candidate" and complaining that he was unable to seal the deal even as he spent $8 million on the race. Others complained that he was "not electric" and "doesn’t seem like he has a personality."