Dem Operative: Clinton Fundraiser for $2,700 a Couple is Pretty Cheap

St. Louis Democratic operative Lynda Brotherton said that $2,700 per couple for a Hillary Clinton fundraiser is "pretty cheap" on ABC affiliate station KDNL.

As Clinton campaigns to be a champion for everyday Americans, she stopped in St. Louis on Tuesday. Clinton visited a church and participated in a small community discussion. Afterwards, she went to a private fundraiser at Grant’s Farm in St. Louis County.

"She's absolutely here because she’s fundraising and she's doing a big campaign tour," Brotherton said. "$2,700 per couple at Grant’s Farm tonight? Absolutely. That’s a good deal and everybody should go because that’s pretty cheap for a presidential candidate."

Clinton wants to be a champion for people who make minimum wage, but a Free Beacon analysis shows that a Missouri resident who gets paid minimum wage, $7.65 an hour, would have to work about 353 hours to attend, equal to almost nine 40-hour workweeks.