Dem Lawmaker Dons Clinton Campaign Pin While Questioning Comey on FBI Probe

Rep. Sheila Jackson Lee with Hillary Clinton / AP
• September 30, 2016 11:55 pm


Rep. Sheila Jackson Lee (D., Texas) wore a gold Hillary Clinton campaign pin Wednesday to a House Judiciary Committee hearing on the FBI investigation into Clinton’s private email server.

FBI Director James Comey testified on the email probe and the bureau’s controversial decision not to recommend charges against Clinton for mishandling classified material. Lawmakers also grilled Comey on the immunity deals the government granted to several Clinton aides who worked closely with the former secretary of state.

Jackson Lee donned a gold Clinton campaign "H" pin during the hearing, signifying her support for the Democratic nominee.

There are no rules against wearing such pins, although the practice is rare, Fox News reported this week.

The House has guidelines restricting certain forms of campaign-related activity, but there is no apparent ban on wearing pins. However, while it is not unusual in the slightest for representatives to express their political beliefs on Capitol Hill, wearing campaign paraphernalia during an oversight hearing is more of a rarity.

Jackson Lee characterized the hearing as part of a Republican effort to smear Clinton while questioning Comey.

"[Republicans] want you to prosecute, or ask the [Justice Department] to prosecute, Secretary Clinton regardless of the facts. So they’ve engaged in an almost daily ritual of holding hearings, desperately trying to tear down the investigation," Jackson Lee said to Comey.

Jackson Lee was not the only lawmaker to wear a Clinton pin on Capitol Hill this week, Fox noted.

Clinton’s running mate, Sen. Tim Kaine (D., Va.), wore a Clinton lapel pin on the Senate floor Tuesday. He said he had forgotten to take it off from earlier.