Debbie Wasserman Schultz Gets Irritated When CNN Asks About 'Limited Number' of DNC Debates

December 16, 2015

Democratic National Committee chairwoman Debbie Wasserman Schultz (D., Fla.) cannot seem to shake questions about the "limited" number of debates being held for the Democratic presidential nomination, and she appeared irritated when CNN broached the subject again Wednesday.

After she spent most of her appearance ripping Republicans and their debate performances last night, CNN host Wolf Blitzer asked Schultz if the "limited number" of six debates the DNC was holding now was firm. Only two have been held to date, while the Republicans have held five, and there are seven more scheduled for the GOP in 2016.

"Are you adding any more Democratic presidential debates, or are the limited number you have now, is that set in concrete?" Blitzer asked.

"We have a combination of candidate forums and debates, and we are continuing to add candidate forums to our schedule, and we have our six debates that are scheduled already," she said.

"So no more debates but just candidate forums, where individuals are interviewed one-on-one, but there's no real debate between the candidates," Blitzer said. "So you're going to stick with that format. Debbie Wasserman--"

Schultz, looking annoyed, cut in.

"We're giving them a variety of opportunities to see our candidates while preserving their ability to be out on the campaign trail, so that they can get up close and personal with voters," Schultz said.

Schultz was also heckled in September during a speech to New Hampshire Democrats by voices shouting out for more debates. Many of them wore shirts in support of Bernie Sanders (I., Vt.), Hillary Clinton's top challenger. Schultz yelled back, "My friends, what's more important? Drawing a contrast with Republicans or arguing about debates?"

Democratic candidate Martin O'Malley called her out by name during a Morning Joe appearance in September for trying to "circle the wagons" and ensure Clinton's place atop the polls was undisturbed. He and Schultz shared an icy handshake after a speech in August where he lambasted the DNC for the same subject.