D.C. Property Owner, Missouri Sen. McCaskill Wants to ‘Prioritize D.C. First’ for Statehood

Washington, D.C. property owner Sen. Claire McCaskill (D., Mo.) wants the district to receive priority for statehood ahead of contenders like Puerto Rico.

McCaskill, who is up for reelection this year, was at a forum at Missouri State University on Tuesday where she was asked a question about Puerto Rico becoming a state.

"Do you support Puerto Rico becoming a state?" McCaskill said, reading a question from an audience member.

"I would be fine with Puerto Rico becoming a state, but I’d rather see the District of Columbia become a state first," McCaskill answered.

"It’s really unfair to the people who live in the District of Columbia that they have no vote for president, that they don’t have representation in Congress. They’re paying all the taxes," McCaskill said. "And Puerto Rico, while I certainly see that it’s–Hawaii’s not in the mainland and it’s a state–I’d like us to prioritize D.C. first, but I have no opposition to Puerto Rico becoming a state."

McCaskill owns a condo in Washington, D.C. that she and her husband paid $2.7 million for, according to Missouri Rising.