Cuomo: American People Find Clinton’s Answers on Terror War Unsatisfying

CNN host Chris Cuomo said that the American people are not satisfied with Hillary Clinton's answers on how she would handle the War on Terror as president.

Cuomo asked CNN analyst retired Army Lt. Gen. Mark Hertling about how frustrated the American people are with the Obama administration's strategy, as he took a bit of a swipe at Clinton.

"Coming out of the Bataclan, there was a sensitivity to how fast you can get in and what you can do and one of the points that came up during that was that in America it's different," Cuomo said. "In France, they waited. In America, they don't and then we see this situation, so it's a little confusing. We'll get to the bottom of why they did what, we did get extra pieces."

"Let me ask you, what we just heard from Secretary Clinton, a situation like this makes you feel that you are unsafe. This is the worst number of deaths by weapons like this in our history, the most lives taken in connection to terror since 9/11. The secretary says, ‘it is not an example that the war against terror is failing.’ That is unsatisfying to people's ears in moments like this."

"You know what the ins and outs are of the plan. Do you believe that that's justified for people to say, ‘It's not working, whatever you're doing militarily against terror, it's not working because this just happened?’" Cuomo asked.

"I don't believe it is, Chris. I think, first of all, you have to look at the battlefield, which is Iraq, Syria, other places where terrorists are operating. Then you have to look at national security, homeland security and there are a variety of ways that a terrorist can attack," Hertling said. "In this particular case, you're looking at a guy, and I'm seeing that as the investigation continues, what we'll know about this individual, who knew what, what he was doing, what he was about to do, what his thought process was and the potential for a devastating attack like that is critical to this."

"There are many different pockets of enemies that we're fighting right now. There are some on the battlefield, which truthfully, are relatively easy compared to this kind of guy and then there are some which are communicating, which you can pick up on and then there are the ones who are lying low, doing these kinds of things and in order to be 100 percent correct all the time, you have to be right all the time," Hertling said. "And that's really tough."