Continetti: Hacked Emails Confirm Clinton as Calculating, Transactional Politician

Washington Free Beacon editor Matthew Continetti appeared Saturday on Fox News to break down the latest insights into Hillary Clinton from John Podesta's hacked emails by WikiLeaks.

Among the major revelations from the emails included Clinton soliciting a $12 million donation from Morocco for the Clinton Foundation in return for appearing at a convention in the same country her State Department called "corrupt." However, she also realized such a move could damage her upcoming presidential campaign, and Bill and Chelsea Clinton wound up attending the convention instead.

"What's fascinating to me about these emails is it kind of confirms a lot of things we already knew about Hillary Clinton," Continetti said. "She's a very cautious, very calculating politician who is also very transactional. So whether it's giving a speech in return for a $12 million donation or maybe even favor-trading … This is who Hillary Clinton is, and that type of personality and those traits would follow her into the White House if she wins."

He added that while both sides of the aisle are disposed to the political machinations and favor-doing present in the emails, it was more "gratuitous" when the Clintons do it.

Citing the Morocco example, Continetti said it was heartening that even Clinton's own team realized she'd put herself in a political pickle.

She "created this mess and she knows it," top aide Huma Abedin wrote in January of 2015 about the Morocco controversy, three months before Clinton announced her presidential bid.