Continetti: GOP Wants Impeaching Trump to be a 2018 Election Topic

Washington Free Beacon editor Matthew Continetti agreed with MSNBC's Chuck Todd Tuesday that Republicans want the possibility of President Donald Trump being impeached to be a topic during the 2018 midterm campaign.

The panel on the "Meet the Press Daily" discussed Republicans' need to boost enthusiasm among their voters as the midterm elections approach. Despite recriminations from House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi (D., Calif.) and other party leaders, left-wing billionaire Tom Steyer has pushed for Democrats to impeach Trump with a nationwide campaign.

Also, Democratic Rep. Al Green (Texas) has filed articles of impeachment twice, although both failed to get past the procedural stage by wide margins.

"Trump himself, I buy this idea that Trump himself would almost want to run on an impeachment referendum, that it would fire up his base," Todd said.

"We've seen some reporting to that effect that Republicans in general actually want to raise the specter of impeachment," Continetti said.

Todd and Continetti pointed back to former President Bill Clinton's impeachment and how it helped both Clinton and much of the Democratic Party politically.

"If impeachment does come up, I think it works to the President's benefit, I think it works to his party's benefit," Bloomberg's Sahil Kapur said. "I don't think that's an issue that will help Democrats."