CNN Reports on Being Excluded From White House Press Gaggle

• February 24, 2017 3:30 pm


CNN reported on Friday that they were excluded from an unofficial press gathering in the White House by the Trump administration, leading to complaints.

The network announced several other media outlets were prohibited from attending the press gaggle as well, while other news outlets were allowed in, such as Breitbart, the Washington Times, and One America News Network.

CNN said that the Los Angeles Times, the New York Times, and Politico were among the outlets that were not allowed in. Some outlets are reported to have boycotted the gathering.



"This is so incredibly significant because this has never happened in this administration," anchor Brooke Baldwin said.

CNN political reporter Sara Murray agreed, saying it was unfortunate because Trump brought up issues when he spoke at the Conservative Political Action Conference on Friday that she thought were questionable.

"He was talking about serious immigration matters at CPAC, he was talking about serious tax reform, serious health care matters, things that our viewers really care about," Murray said. "And when we go into those briefings, that's an opportunity to ask questions about any number 0f news stories of the day, and today it's clear they did not want CNN to be involved in that.

"This is not okay," Baldwin said.

But it is not unprecedented. The Obama administration did not have Fox News in a series of interviews with an administration official, while other Obama administration officials called Fox News' Bret Baier a "lunatic."