CNN Legal Analyst Hits Harris’ Questions for Kavanaugh: ‘Puzzling,’ ‘Unfair,’ Proved Nothing


CNN legal analyst Jeffrey Toobin said Thursday that Sen. Kamala Harris' (D., Calif.) questions for Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh were "puzzling," "unfair," and proved nothing.

On Wednesday, Harris grilled Kavanaugh about whether he discussed special counsel Bob Mueller's investigation with anyone from the Kasowitz Benson Torres law firm.

"With all that you remember–you have an impeccable memory, you've been speaking about all sorts of things you remember–how can you not remember whether or not you had a conversation about Robert Mueller or his investigation with anyone at that law firm?" Harris asked during Wednesday's hearing.

"I'm just trying to think if I know anyone that works at that firm," Kavanaugh responded.

"That's not my question. My question is have you had a conversation with anyone at that firm about the investigation. It's a specific investigation," Harris interjected.

"I would like to know the person you're thinking of –" Kavanaugh said.

"I think you're thinking of someone and you don't want to tell us," Harris replied.

Harris wouldn't name any individual who she wondered about Kavanaugh having a conversation with.

Sen. Mike Lee (R., Utah) stepped in to propose the nominee be provided with additional information.

"If there are names he can be given of the lawyers to whom she's referring I think that's fine, but I think it's unfair to suggest that an entire law firm should be imputed into the witness' memory when he doesn't know who works at the law firm," Lee said.

Toobin, who applauded Democrats for their actions in fighting Kavauangh on Tuesday, was confused by Harris' line of questioning and said it proved nothing.

"Well, it was peculiar and frankly I was sympathetic to what Mike Lee was saying at the end there. If Kamala Harris had a specific conversation that she was referring to that she wanted to ask him about, it seemed to me she should have asked ‘did you speak to John Doe from the Kasowitz law firm?' or Jane Doe or more than one person," Toobin said. "But just to ask generally ‘did you speak to someone'–it's a fairly large law firm, there are a couple hundred lawyers there–I found it puzzling."

"Now in fairness, this hearing is not over, and Kamala Harris has the opportunity to ask more questions in another round. But the questions themselves I don't think proved anything and I thought were somewhat unfair to Brett Kavanaugh," Toobin added.

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