CNN Confirms Trump Ad Claim That Anthony Weiner Is a Pervert

November 6, 2016

CNN fact-checked Donald Trump on Sunday morning and confirmed his ad's claim that disgraced former congressman Anthony Weiner is, in fact, a "pervert."

CNN is known for its fact-checking chyrons while Trump speaks, and Trump has continually blasted Weiner for his sexting habits.

King began fact-checking Trump's speech and the FBI reopening its review of Hillary Clinton's emails after discovering emails potentially sent to and from her private server on Weiner's computer. Weiner is the estranged husband of Clinton aide Huma Abedin and he is under investigation for allegedly sexting an underage female online. This is not the first time Weiner has been caught trading lewd messages with women online. Weiner even sent an inappropriate photo of himself to a woman while his young son was lying next to him in bed.

A new Trump ad on the FBI investigation refers to Weiner as a "pervert."

"The FBI reopened its review of the emails, because they found a bunch on, as Donald Trump says in an ad, rightly so, this one passes fact-check, on pervert Anthony Weiner's laptop," King said, acknowledging Trump's correct assessment of Weiner. "So they're looking into those."

His Inside Politics panel laughed.

"We say a lot of things he says is not true. That one happens to be true," King added. "That one happens to be true."