Clinton Raised $143 Million in August

Hillary and Bill Clinton / AP

Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton raised a hefty $143 million in the month of August for her campaign and the Democratic Party.

The sum is more than she has raised ever in a month, the New York Times reports:

August was Mrs. Clinton’s most successful fund-raising month so far, as she crisscrossed the country on a money hunt that took her to dozens of events in the summer locales of the wealthy and the well-to-do. Her efforts brought in $143 million for her campaign and for Democratic organizations, according to her campaign. That is far more than the $90 million haul Mrs. Clinton and the Democrats reported in July.

A large portion of the money Clinton raised will go to other Democratic races. Much of the money raised for her campaign will be spent in swing states, such as Ohio and Florida. The states are key to her and Donald Trump’s respective hopes of winning the White House.

Currently, Clinton has approximately $68 million in cash while $84 million is held by the two joint fundraising committees between Clinton and the Democratic Party.

Her fundraising spree took her around the country, including around Hollywood. This time spent fundraising has taken her off the campaign trail and away from voters and reporters who have questions for her surrounding the Clinton Foundation, her time at the State Department, and her private email server.