Clinton Pleads Ignorance About Attacks Made By Super PAC She Coordinates Directly With

During Hillary Clinton’s sit-down interview with Judy Woodruff of PBS NewsHour denounced the attacks that David Brock and his Super PAC Correct the Record were doing against competitor Bernie Sanders and Joe Biden. Biden has yet to announce that he will be jumping in the presidential race.

In May the Washington Post reported that Correct the Record was breaking from American Bridge and would be exclusively with the Clinton campaign.

Woodruff asked Clinton whether she knew of the attacks that the PAC was putting out against Sanders, Clinton said that she was unaware of the attacks. Previously the PAC had been focused on attacking Republican candidates.

"Well I don't know anything about what you are saying. I have no knowledge of what they are doing," Clinton said.

Clinton said that she wants anyone who is supporting her to go after Republicans. Clinton added that the differences that Democrats have with one another did not matter compared with the differences the Democrats have with Republicans.

Woodruff pressed Clinton whether she would ask them to stop the attack ads on Sanders. Clinton repeated her claim that she wants them to go after Republicans.

As reported on Monday by New York Magazine, Clinton was beginning to ready opposition research attacks against Biden. The attacks would be against what the Clinton campaign calls Biden’s close ties to Wall Street and his opposition to the raid that would ultimately kill Osama bin Laden. The political attacks were to be carried out by Correct the Records.

Clinton again said that she had no knowledge of what Brock and the PAC were doing and said that she has continually put out public statements suggesting that she would give Biden the space and time to decide whether he wants to join the race.

"I’m not asking and I don't approve of anybody who is supporting me, or saying that they are supports me, to be focusing anyone other than the Republicans," Clinton said.