Clinton Foundation Hiring New Scheduling Associate for Bill Clinton

Bill Clinton / Getty
August 15, 2017

The Clinton Foundation is currently looking to hire a new scheduling associate for former President Bill Clinton.

The job requires the scheduling associate to respond to invitations sent to Clinton and maintain his list of "close associates."

The position is located in the foundation's offices in New York City. The job announcement was posted onto, a job search site where employees and former employees can anonymously review their employers.

"The primary purpose of the scheduling associate is to ensure that all incoming invitation and meeting requests for William J. Clinton that are sent via email or by regular mail are properly managed," the posting says. "Collaborating with the scheduling directors of the Office of the President and the foundation, this person ensures that responses are sent on a timely basis to all invitations by either regretting President Clinton's attendance or facilitating the acceptance of certain events and meetings."

"The scheduling associate directly impacts William J. Clinton's schedule by identifying and processing invitations that might be interesting to pursue, both for William J. Clinton personally and for the benefit of the foundation," the job listing says. "The cordial, timely response to inquiries helps support a positive perception of the president and foundation."

A "general understanding" of "President Clinton's legacy is very helpful" for applicants.

The Clinton Foundation became a center of controversy during the 2016 campaign as Clinton's wife, former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, was running for president. The foundation was criticized for taking millions from foreign countries, and on the campaign trail, Hillary Clinton faced questions about the pay-to-play allegations surrounding the family charity and the access its donors got to her State Department.