Chris Wallace Hammers Karen Finney over Clinton’s Income Rhetoric Hypocrisy


Fox News Sunday Chris Wallace aggressively questioned Hillary Clinton spokeswoman Karen Finney Sunday over her boss' hypocrisy on income inequality, asking how she can condemn big money and corporations while pocketing upwards of $250,000 for one-hour speeches.

"She talked about the fact that the 25 top hedge fund managers make more money than all of the kindergarten teachers in the country combined," he said. "What about the fact that, until recently, she was making $250,000 for a one-hour speech when the average American makes $45,000 for working for a year?"

Finney decided to ignore the premise entirely, launching into a speech about Clinton's mother's "humble beginnings."

"People want to know who you are, what influenced you, what motivates you, not just where you stand on issues but what is in your heart, and what in your life that led you to believe in things that you believe," she said. "I hear what you're saying in terms of, you know how much she made for speeches, but what's important is this is a person who has always fought for people who need to have a champion."

Wallace cut her off, saying time was limited, but Finney still pressed on with her dodge.

"There's nothing — she's making money and believing in the importance of closing the income gap," Finney said.

"I know!" Wallace said. "Maybe the hedge fund managers believe in it too, so I just wonder why she's saying it's somehow wrong for the hedge fund managers to make so much money but it's okay for her to make $250,000 an hour."

"It's about what you do with that money," Finney said. "It's about CEOs making the money and then not sharing those profits with their workers."

Wallace asked her if Clinton was sharing that money with her, and Finney just laughed.

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