Chris Matthews Says He Has a ‘Hard Time’ Calling Trump ‘President’

• March 8, 2017 9:36 am


MSNBC "Hardball" host Chris Matthews said on Tuesday that he had a "hard time" saying "President Trump," and suggested President Donald Trump at times was more like a "blogger" than President.

"It seems like that guy like he's some blogger. He's not the president," Matthews said after recalling Trump's previous speculations about former President Barack Obama and Sen. Ted Cruz's (R., Texas) father.

"When he gets up at dawn and starts tweeting, that doesn't seem like an official statement from a president. It strikes me as the guy who used to say Obama was [an] illegal immigrant or that Ted Cruz's father killed Kennedy," Matthews said.

Matthews then asked his guest Rep. Eric Swalwell (D., Calif.) if Trump is acting like a president when he makes claims like the ones Matthews had just mentioned.

"When he makes these claims, what do you make of them? Who is he? Is he president when he's doing this or is this some weird extracurricular at dawn he practices?" Matthews asked.

Swalwell responded by ridiculing Trump as an "armchair uncle" and suggested he wasn't a "focused" president.

"He's that armchair uncle after Thanksgiving dinner who's just letting his unfounded opinions fly, and we need a president who's focused right now," Swalwell said.