Chris Matthews Compares Republicans to 'Goose-Stepping' North Koreans

February 2, 2018

MSNBC host Chris Matthews compared Republicans to "goose-stepping" North Koreans on Friday for the way they have fallen in line under President Donald Trump.

Matthews told Republican National Committee member Shawn Steel that support for Trump from many in the Republican Party was reminiscent of North Korea's Kim Jong Un regime. He brought up videos of North Korean military parades where the people are required to smile while goose-stepping.

"Did you ever watch those North Koreans goose-stepping in line, the same smile on their faces, everything is de rigueur," Matthews said. "Your Republican Party is so much like that."

Matthews then recalled how many Republicans during the 2016 primary were against Trump but now support and work with him.

"Now they march along, whatever Trump wants, they go, ‘Yes, sir, yes, sir,’" Matthews told Steel. "What's that about, the culture of your party?"

Steel pushed back against Matthews repeatedly asking why Republicans have stuck with Trump.

"This really wasn't even about Trump," Steel said. "For me—I was supporting six Republicans before I got to Trump."

"On the other hand, he's had great action—don't like the rhetoric a whole lot, but I love the action, love the tax cuts, love the economy," Steel added.

The images to which Matthews was referring are of military parades held by some statist countries. The goose step was made more famous by Nazi Germany in the 1930s and 1940s, and North Korean troops march in a similar way during official functions.