Chris Christie May Face Impeachment Over ‘Bridgegate’ Scandal

Chris Christie / AP


Gov. Chris Christie, who chairs Donald Trump’s White House transition team, could face impeachment hearings in New Jersey over his involvement in the 2013 Bridgegate scandal.

Key Democratic members of the state assembly said court testimony in the George Washington Bridge trial suggested the Republican governor had knowledge of the lane closures in Fort Lee while they were occurring, NBC 4 New York reported Friday.

An unnamed committee chairman said an obstruction of justice charge would be an "obvious" pursuit. The lawmaker pegged the likelihood of the assembly moving forward with an impeachment process at about 50-50.

The decision to invoke New Jersey’s impeachment articles is up to Democratic Speaker Vincent Prieto. If Prieto gives the go-ahead, the majority of the 80-member assembly would have to approve the measure for it to move to the Senate.

Two-thirds of senators would be needed to convict Christie, who is nearing the end of his second term.

An impeachment trial could detract from the Trump campaign with less than two months until the election.

Prosecutors said Monday that Christie knew about the Sept. 2013 lane closures that led to overwhelming traffic jams in Fort Lee, New Jersey while they were occurring. The incident was allegedly political payback against Fort Lee Mayor Mark Sokolich, who refused to endorse Christie for reelection.

Christie told CNN on Sunday that he would testify if subpoenaed and maintained that he had no knowledge or involvement in the incident.

Natalie Johnson

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