Chelsea Handler on Why She Won't Have Melania Trump On Her Show: 'She Can Barely Speak English'

Melania Trump / AP
January 23, 2017

Talk show host Chelsea Handler said Saturday that she will not consider having First Lady Melania Trump on her show because "she can barely speak English."

Handler spoke with Variety's Elizabeth Wagmeister after leading a Women’s March during the Sundance Film Festival, Mediate reported.

Handler has been a vocal critic of President Donald Trump, telling other media outlets that she would not have him on her show.

But then Wagmeister asked if Handler would have the first lady on the show instead of her husband.

"Melania?" Handler asked. "To talk about what? She can barely speak English."

When given the chance to soften her stance on Melania, Handler fired another attack.

"What do you think about her as the first lady?" Wagmeister asked.

"Exactly what I think about him as the first man," Handler said. "Nothing. I don't respect either one of those people."

Handler then called the new president the "grossest–physically, emotionally, mentally."

Handler is not the first celebrity to fire shots at the first lady's English.

Model Gigi Hadid did an impersonation of Melania Trump at the American Music Awards in November, sparking outrage over social media. Hadid was called a "racist" for the impersonation, and in turn, issued a hand-written apology.

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