Chelsea Clinton Attacks Megyn Kelly for Interviewing Alex Jones

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Former journalist Chelsea Clinton attacked NBC's Megyn Kelly on Twitter late Sunday night for interviewing conspiracy theorist Alex Jones.

Kelly's interview with Jones, a radio host who runs, does not air until next Sunday, but the newly minted NBC host previewed the conversation on this past week's episode of "Sunday Night with Megyn Kelly."

Clinton castigated Kelly for conducting the interview.

"There is no justification for amplifying lies (or a liar), particularly about unimaginable tragedy," the former first daughter tweeted. "I hope no parent, no person watches this."

The former Fox News star's interview with Jones has not aired yet, but judging by his reaction, it did not go well for him. The Infowars host immediately denounced Kelly as "fake news" after the segment was filmed, accused her of being a "psychopath," and called her unattractive.

Clinton is perhaps best known for her work as a correspondent for NBC News' "Rock Center with Brian Williams." NBC found her journalism so groundbreaking that it paid Clinton $600,000 annually—or $26,724 for every minute she was on air—despite having no experience or relevant education.

One of Clinton's most famous interviews was a 2013 grilling of the Geico Gecko.

"Are you concerned about being typecast?" she asked the CGI lizard.

"Well, I definitely don't get the hunky leading man roles," the gecko responded.

"Is there a downside to all this fame?" she also asked.

The computer-generated gecko designed to sell car insurance told Clinton that he was concerned people would find his old yearbook photos.

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