Carney Dodges When Asked Why Benghazi Suspect Hasn't Been Contacted by FBI

White House Press Secretary Jay Carney dodged the question when asked about CNN's interview with an alleged Benghazi terrorist suspect and his claim to have never been contacted by the FBI:

ED HENRY: I want to ask you about Benghazi, because CNN says one of its reporters sat down with someone who may be a lead suspect in the terror attack for two hours recently. This potential suspect says they've never been contacted by the Libyan government, and they've never been contacted by the FBI. How is it that someone who's potentially a lead suspect in this terror attack could sit down with a media organization for a couple of hours and never be contacted by the FBI? How serious is--

CARNEY: Well, I would refer you to the FBI for details of their investigation. I"m not aware of anything beyond what you just said in terms of that report. The President has absolutely instructed his team to do everything they can to bring to justice those who are responsible for the deaths of four Americas, and that has been his priority from Day 1, as he made clear from Day 1. And, he will make that clear repeatedly as he's updated on this process, but in terms of that specific report, I would refer you to the FBI.