Bill Cassidy Explains Why All the Democrats Have Been Kicked out of Office in the South

Senator-elect Bill Cassidy (R., La.) has a simple answer for his huge victory Saturday.

Cassidy explained to Fox News’ Bill Hemmer why the Democratic Party has lost the South.

"There's one party for the working family. There's another party which is not," Cassidy said. "If you are in a coal mine, would you be voting Democrat? Of course not. If you are working at a wellhead, would be you be voting for this president and his policies? Of course not."

The Republican Party has been a staunch supporter of job-creating industries in the South, rather than the wealthy liberal elite that has backed President Obama.

When asked how he defeated Landrieu even when she ran on the same message, Cassidy had a simple answer: Obama’s policies.

"If you support his policies 97 percent of the time, you are going to lose," Cassidy said.