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Bay Buchanan shuts down Obama spox on misleading ad

Commentator Bay Buchanan blasted Obama campaign spokesperson Jennifer Psaki Tuesday over her refusal to condemn an ad released by the Obama-affiliated super PAC Priorities USA that suggests Mitt Romney was responsible for a woman's death from cancer:

BAY BUCHANAN: This is typical. We have the most powerful man in the world–the president of the United States–takes no responsibility for his campaign, no responsibility for his PACs, no responsibility for his cabinet members who are out there raising money–for this PAC so this ad can run–takes no responsibility for pain and suffering this country is suffering. The people in this country are suffering with high unemployment, loss of homes, falling into poverty. The only thing he takes responsibility for is the businesses other people are building. This is a disgraceful, despicable, dishonest ad, and if the president of the United States does not want shame on himself, he should immediately reject it outright.