Barber: Admin Backpedaling After Backlash Over Bergdahl

The Washington Free Beacon’s Ellison Barber appeared on Fox News’ Happening Now to discuss the Obama Administration’s latest efforts to paint the controversial Bergdahl rescue as a much rosier picture.

Barber said Congress is frustrated with the lack of new information they have been given about the rescue by the Obama Administration. They are also angry that the Bergdahl briefing last night was closed door and that their questions went unanswered.

Asked by Fox News’ Eric Shawn if Congress feels the administration is backpedaling, Barber responded "They said that they felt the administration was circling the wagons right now." There also seems to be a concerted effort to shift blame on the controversial Bergdahl rescue from President Obama to Secretary of Defense Chuck Hagel. The Administration is "taking a lot of steps to semi-back away from the situation that has really blown up in their face," she said.

Congress is furious with the Obama Administration for neglecting to tell them about the Bergdahl rescue before it happened. "It seems like you have increasingly lawmakers on both sides of the House and Senate, on both sides of the aisle, increasingly frustrated with the Administration on this and they’re very unhappy that they weren’t told beforehand," Barber said.