April Ryan Disapproves of Male Hosts Praising Kim Kardashian's ‘Marketing’ Talent

‘She's a household name for something else,’ Ryan says

May 31, 2018

CNN contributor April Ryan on Wednesday night did not let hosts Don Lemon and Van Jones praise Kim Kardashian’s marketing talent without butting in to express her disapproval.

Jones and Lemon both congratulated Kardashian for her visit to the White House to advocate prison reform.

"Hats off to Kim Kardashian for going to the White House and trying to get something done," Jones said, noting Kardashian’s attempt to persuade Trump to commute a grandmother’s drug sentence.

Jones praised Kardashian’s marketing skills but received stern pushback from Ryan.

"People have always underestimated her," Jones said. "She's not a household name because she's a dummy. She's a brilliant marketer, and she’s now using her marketing to try to help this —"

"Van, Van, Van she's a household name for something else," Ryan interjected, wagging her finger. "She’s a household name for something else."

Lemon did not let Ryan continue with her point.

"I’m treating this seriously, and I think it's a good thing if she does it," host Don Lemon said after Ryan. "I saw the cover of the New York Post and I actually thought it was appalling, and I thought it was sexist."

The cover in question called Kardashian "Kim Thong Un" and contained other sexual language referring to her physical appearance. Lemon considered this ridiculous considering the Post took pornstar Stormy Daniels seriously in light of her accusations against Trump.

"You take Stormy Daniels seriously but not Kim Kardashian, who’s trying to do something good?" Lemon asked.

Kardashian’s reality television show "Keeping Up With the Kardashians" helped make her a star, and she drew attention before that because of the release of a sex tape with her former boyfriend Ray J. She is also known for some risqué photos she’s taken, including when she has posed nude and in bathing suits.